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APC by Schneider Electric

Open rack system from APC by Schneider Electric for easy access to IT equipment and cabling.
Tackle noise with innovative design from APC by Schneider Electric. Netshelter Soundproof Racks are engineered to be stronger and smarter without dedicated IT staff; ideal for bank branches, retail spaces, offices, healthcare facilities, and classrooms.
Reliable IT racks and enclosures from APC by Schneider Electric with a proven design and essential functionality and features for even the most demanding IT environments.
Ready for high-density and edge environments right out of the box, Netshelter SX rack enclosures offer the most standard features on the market today. Influenced by over 15 years of customer feedback and over 1 million units sold, APC by Schneider Electric has specifically engineered the next generation Netshelter SX enclosure to handle a broad range of applications from power-hungry, high-density server and networking applications to remote edge computing applications.
APC by Schneider Electric Wall-Mount Micro Data Center is an innovative new way to deploy server and networking equipment at the Edge. The unique low-profile rack design enables large depth devices to be wall-mounted in a compact, and less intrusive form factor than traditional wall-mount cabinets.