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Vertiv SmartCabinet ID

Delivering up to 7.0 kW of cooling  with IP54 environmental protection  for critical IT deployed in  demanding environments

The Vertiv™ SmartCabinet™ ID is an all-in-one micro data center that has been designed specifically for demanding environments. The robust IP54 rated cabinet provides environmental protection from harsh applications where dust and humidity could severely impact system performance and equipment life-span. The pre-integrated cooling module delivers either 3.5 or 7.0kW of scalable cooling capacity while allowing for full rack U-space utilization for increased IT deployment.


Why choose SmartCabinet ID?

The Vertiv™ SmartCabinet™ ID micro data center offers a comprehensive IT solution for demanding environments. The SmartCabinet ID incorporates a state-of-the-art zero-U cooling design that offers full rack utilization for critical IT equipment, an emergency fan for ensured continuous airflow, multiple environmental sensors for increased system visibility and precision, a power management block that delivers reliable power to key integrated components, and optional smart locking handles that can be integrated into the DCIM system for full authorization and access control. All of this is enclosed in an IP54 rated IT rack, providing robust protection from the harsh surrounding environments where dust and humidity could severely impact system performance and equipment life-expectancy. By isolating the IT equipment housed inside the rack, offering environmental monitoring, power management, and increased physical security, the SmartCabinet ID provides full protection and peace of mind to IT system managers.


+ Simplifies IT management in harsh applications with an all-in-one micro data center solution

+ Allow your business to grow over time with a pre-integrated zero-U cooling module with 3.5 kW or 7.0 kW of scalable capacity

+ Easily deploys in days and can be installed in hours, saving time and money

+ Reduce operational costs and increase IT reliability with a fully enclosed system increases cooling efficiency

+ Provides environmental protection for sensitive equipment deployed in harsh conditions

+ Remote monitoring and management capabilities, provides peace of mind for IT system managers

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