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Thermal Management

Liebert CRV Row Cooling System

The Vertiv™ Liebert® CRV is a precision data center cooling solution providing temperature and humidity control to manage your critical IT environments. It integrates within a row of data center racks, providing cooling close to the IT heat load. The Liebert® CRV, when used with Liebert® Optimized Aisle Controls, independently manages airflow and temperature, greatly improving efficiency and supporting higher rack densities. Adjustable airflow baffles allow you to more precisely direct airflow within the row, improving efficiency and extending the life of your data center equipment. The Liebert® CRV uses environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant. The system is available in multiple capacities and in two widths, 300mm and 600mm, and is available as an air, water/glycol, or chilled water-cooling system.



  • Designed with a minimal footprint
  • Highly efficient, scalable cooling capacity
  • Adjustable air discharge baffles
  • Simultaneous top and bottom connections
  • Multiple monitoring protocols and multi-unit teamworking

Popular Models: