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Security and Environmental Monitoring

NetBotz Appliances


The industry’s most comprehensive solution for your IT security and environmental monitoring needs. APC™ NetBotz™ is designed to protect your IT infrastructure against environmental threats and unauthorized access risks that can cause unexpected downtime. Compute is quickly moving closer to where it is used at the Edge, increasing the risks of water damage, high temperatures and humidity, fire, or other conditions bringing down business-critical applications. Intentional or malicious access events not only threaten compute availability, but also leave enterprises vulnerable to costly compliance violations. NetBotz series provides integrated sensing, surveillance, and badged rack-access control to help mitigate these risks through a wide array of intelligent sensors, camera clip captures, configurable alerts, and robust management options.



  • 4MP HD camera support with video storage
  • Instant, highly customizable user-defined alerts
  • Seamless 3rd party IT infrastructure integration
  • Badged access control
  • Highly scalable with expansion pods
  • Enhanced cyber security
  • Wide array of intelligent sensors
  • Remote management with built-in network management
  • Easy to deploy and configure

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