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SPS Service Packages

Advantage Service Plan – APC by Schneider Electric – Comprehensive service packages customized to your unique business needs to operate your solution efficiently, minimize downtime, and manage costs. When it comes to maintaining and operating your mission-critical infrastructure, your primary concern is keeping it operating at maximum efficiency and optimal performance. A Schneider Electric Critical […]

Product Highlight

Vertiv SmartCabinet ID Delivering up to 7.0 kW of cooling  with IP54 environmental protection  for critical IT deployed in  demanding environments The Vertiv™ SmartCabinet™ ID is an all-in-one micro data center that has been designed specifically for demanding environments. The robust IP54 rated cabinet provides environmental protection from harsh applications where dust and humidity could […]

Project Spotlight

From Storage Room to Data Center For Retirement Community: Deploy a Fully Configured Data Center Infrastructure in Just Weeks! Is there ever a simple solution to expanding IT capacity when you don’t have the luxury of more data center space? The SmartRow infrastructure solution solves a problem all too common to IT management: addressing IT […]

Vertiv SmartRow 2

The SmartRow 2 from Vertiv is a complete Edge data center pre-Engineered for lightning-fast deployment. Each system includes rack enclosures, in-row cooling with complete containment, UPS battery backup, power distribution, and cable management.

Netsure Distribution Panels

Vertiv DC Power Systems Netsure Distribution Panels; designed to provide overcurrent protection for multiple small loads.

Netsure 7000 Series for Core / Edge

Vertiv DC Power Systems Netsure 7000 Series for Core / Edge; ideal for applications requiring high power efficiency, reliability, and system availability in a small footprint.

Netsure 7000 Series for Access / Edge

Vertiv DC Power Systems Netsure 7000 Series for Access / Edge; designed for rapid deployment in telecom access network applications requiring a reliable and high-density power supply.

Netsure 5000 Series

DC Power Systems Netsure 5000 Series from Vertiv; designed for wireless access and fixed network applications offering unmatched temperature performance and high-power density.

Power Continuity Services

From DIY battery replacement to UPS replacement with full-service protection with Vertiv’s Power Continuity Services.

Power Assurance Package

Cost-effective support for power delivery to your small IT sites with Vertiv’s Power Assurance Service Package.

Battery Replacement Services

Installation, maintenance, replacement, or removal of your UPS batteries with APC by Schneider Electric’s Battery Replacement Services.

Deka Fahrenheit

Deka Fahrenheit reserve power from East Penn Manufacturing.

Deka Unigy 2

Deka Unigy 2 reserve power from East Penn Manufacturing.

Deka Unigy 1

Deka Unigy 1 reserve power from East Penn Manufacturing.

Advantage Service Plan

Maintain maximum efficiency and optimal performance with APC by Schneider Electric’s Advantage Service Plan.

Vertiv VR Rack

Vertiv VR Rack provides easy installation and integration of components and devices, and supports high-density weight loads.

Vertiv VRC Rack Cooling System

Vertiv VRC Rack Cooling System is a plug-and-play thermal management cooling solution for small IT spaces and edge applications.

Geist SwitchAir

Vertiv Geist SwitchAir cooling provides a thermal airflow management solution for network equipment.

Geist Basic Rack PDUs

Vertiv Geist Basic Rack PDUs – power perfectly configured for your IT application.

Liebert ITA2

Vertiv Liebert ITA2 is an online UPS designed to power three-phase IT power systems simply, reliably, and economically.