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DC Power Systems

Netsure 7000 Series for Access / Edge

NetSure 7100 Compact systems are designed for rapid deployment in telecom access network applications requiring a reliable and high-density power supply up to 900 A at -48 VDC. The high operating temperature (up to 900 amps at +65°C) in conjunction with high operational efficiency has a positive impact on climate system dimensioning in outdoor enclosure applications.



  • Reduce your equipment footprint while meeting the higher power demand of your 5G network
  • Optimize total cost of ownership with high efficiency eSure™ rectifiers that deliver efficiency up to 96% over a wide operating range
  • Increase battery discharge time with priority or non-priority low voltage disconnect option (19″ models)
  • Support colocation with (3) separate load branches (19″ models)
  • Extend the life of your batteries with the available battery management tools
  • Keep your network power source secure with optional encrypted controller communication
  • High power density system for indoor or outdoor applications – 19″ or 23″ wide
  • 120VAC, 208VAC, 240VAC, 277VAC single phase input
  • Priority based load shedding options (19″ models)
  • Remote communications via TCP/IP – security option available
  • Mounts in an enclosure or relay rack with optional battery trays

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