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Infrastructure Monitoring & Management

Geist Environmental Monitors

Environmental factors like heat, humidity and moisture pose a severe threat to mission-critical infrastructure. These dangers can be minimized by incorporating an environmental monitoring solution to collect data and alert users of potential threats. Vertiv™ Geist™ Environmental Monitors allow users to securely observe conditions and receive alerts when user defined thresholds are breached.



  • Protect critical IT infrastructure
  • View real time sensor data
  • Receive alerts of out-of-range conditions
  • On-board temperature, humidity, and dew point sensor
  • Simple to install and configure


Popular Models:

Watchdog 15
Watchdog 15-NPS
Watchdog 15-UN
Watchdog 15-P
Watchdog 15-P NPS
Watchdog 15-P UN
Watchdog 100
Watchdog 100-UN
Watchdog 100-P
Watchdog 100-P UN